Pawan Bengali Massages: Actress U-Turn!

Tue Apr 17 2018 13:04:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Junior Artist Shruti realized the aftereffects of levelling baseless allegations only after targeting Pawan Kalyan. She accused Pawan Kalyan of making Bengali Girls offer him massage. The Junior Artist even alleged Pawan Kalyan hasn't amassed any wealth through films as he have many flops and alleged he bought land in Amaravati by obtaining Rs 200 crore package.

Within a day, Shruti tendered her apology during the press meet of Sri Reddy for making such disgusting allegations against Pawan Kalyan. 'I apologise to Pawan Kalyan sir and his Fans for making such comments. I don't have any grudge against Pawan...I am sorry for making such personal allegations,' she said.

Character Artist Apoorva had also apologized on behalf of Shruti for the slip of tongue. She claimed to have known Pawan Kalyan as someone who is always ready to help people in whatever way he can.

Sri Reddy, however, couldn't bear Pawan Kalyan getting a clean chit she might be fearing it could affect her movement. As a result, She created enough hungama post the press conference.

What's the crime Pawan Kalyan has committed to make Sri Reddy call him M***C**D & show middle finger? Sri Reddy lodged police complaint against those who exploited her only after Pawan advised the victims to approach police & courts for justice. But now, Sri Reddy is finding fault with the suggestion offered by Powerstar. Changing stand like a chameleon for the sake of publicity & everyone is now getting to know the true face.