The Most Expensive Flop This Year!

Wed Jul 18 2018 16:49:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Asian markets in Cinema and other Business world are capturing the global eye with huge consumer base and potential.

Cinema has become a global entertainment industry of itself and Hollywood is milking profits from China and Indian markets, these days, very consistently. But looking at them, even Asian films have started dreaming big.

In India, Baahubali series, 2.0 and recently started Brahmastra are such huge budget projects. While Baahubali franchise collected more 2000 crores and became a global sensation, 2.0 is still waiting in VFX studios for its moment to shine.

How can China, the biggest market in Asia be silent during such times? So, China tried to make its own huge budget film, Asura.

The movie took 6 years in the making and a budget of 116 Million dollars has been spent on it too. But it ended up collecting just 7 Million in its opening weekend.

As the movie is not working, producers decided to pull it off from theaters on Sunday and re-release it a later date, by reworking on several sequences.

Even Hollywood has never done this before and we have to wait and see, if the movie will get a re-release or will it remain one of the most expensive flops in World Cinema ever.