Do You Know Savitri biopic, Mahanati Budget?

Wed Sep 19 2018 16:18:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

We all witnessed a classic tale of an actress like Savitri's life said in the most emphatic fashion by Nag Ashwin and Vyjayanthi movies.

The movie, Mahanati brought all the lost name and market value back to the production house. Ashwini Dutt, the man behind many blockbusters decided to once again invest in big movies after a long lull period.

He is producing Nag-Nani multi-starrer, Devadas, which is releasing on 27th September. He talked to press about the movie and many things.

He said, "Mahanati surprised me in many ways. We went ahead with a budget plan of Rs. 16 -17 crores, which we felt too high for a biopic.

But we ended up sending Rs. 29 crores on the final cut. I told my daughters to not compromise on anything but the budget did surprise me.

When I watched the movie, I thought it deserved every penny we spent and thought for Savitri we can do this.

When people lapped it up and made it a huge blockbuster than we expected I was thrilled. Movie also brought my good name back in the market and today, I am proud that we took such a gamble. Savitri amma blessed us and our honest efforts," concluded the producer.