Trailer Talk: Rambo's 'Kshanam'

Wed Feb 21 2018 17:50:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rambo is one of the biggest global phenomenon in action movies. The movie made Sylvester Stallon an undeniable action star of Hollywood.

Replicating such style of huge budget action bonanza as become a norm of the day for many makers in 90's and those days, seems to have come back in Bollywood.

We recently saw how Tiger Shroff, rescued his lover in Rambo style. But the problem was, the movie couldn't replicate the emotional connect of Varsham, the original film..

After that, Salman Khan too became a Rambo in Tiger Zinda Hein and rescued nurses from Kuwait. Now, Tiger Shroff is coming back as Rambo once again in Baaghi-2.

The problem again is that it is a clever plot driven movie, Kshanam that has been remade into Ramboesque Rescue drama. Choreographer, Ahmed Khan, is directing the film.

The trailer of the film did have huge VFX shots and big locations but it did not have the core connect and emotion that Kshanam carried in its runtime.

The trailer doesn't promise a good film but action lovers might take an interest in it. Disha Patani looked good in the film and Manoj Bajpai appears to be playing Anasuya's character from original. Here you can watch the trailer.