Bahubali team managed Censor board?

Thu Apr 20 2017 01:15:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

The rumours mills are going overboard with their imaginative stories. Yes, mostly rumours end up being aberrations of a creative brain and many tend to believe them without thinking twice about them. While some do appear true some are completely put of this world still people tend to believe them more than they should. These days, Bahubali2 has been the fodder for these rumour mills and according to them, Bahubali team were able to manage Censor board to get the certificate their desire without cuts.

While one wonders what was the need behind doing so, it is also important to note that it is highly improbable too. Yes, there were instances where we found out that Censor board officers took bribes to award films their desired certificates, but that is not always possible. That too for a period film like Bahubali2 one doesn't understand the need to do so. Well, according to the gossips Rajamouli was able to influence Censor board regional committee to appoint board members those who are friendly towards them and asked producers to take care of political and peer pressure tactics to influence them all.

For a film story or sequence, this can hold true but in reality a producer can only apply Censor board for a certificate and the chief examining officer and committee will decide who will watch the movie and certify following their recommendations after going through the rules. This is highly important as the members can get caught and even severely punished if any malpractice is proved. Well, we can conclude that it is highly impossible and if Rajamouli could pull this off too, then all we would say is, Saaho Bahubali!