Should Vinayak Wait One More Year?

Sun Jun 24 2018 16:42:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

V.V. Vinayak has fallen to the lowest crest of his career ever. Out of his last four films, except for Khaidi No. 150, nothing even remotely impressed audience.

On top of it, his last film Inttelligent looked more lazy than any of his films too. So, the director is finding it hard to confidently go forward.

All heroes are looking at young talents and he has only one offer in his hand and that is from Nandamuri Balakrishna.

While the actor is clear and said that he will do the movie, if he likes the story, Vinayak, is unable to find a suitable one.

In the meantime, Boyapati Srinu will be ready from Sankranthi to make a movie with NBK and even NTR will release for Sankranthi.

Boyapati said that he is ready with script for Balakrishna and will go for shoot once RC12 is finished. Balakrishna also said that he will be willing to work with Boyapati whenever he is ready.

This makes Vinayak wait for one more year to find a suitable story and also time to rectify any mistakes in his script.

Even if he wants to do any movie with another actor before Balakrishna's film, no actor is free and even producers are thinking twice before meeting Vinayak. Really, bad times for the last decade's biggest commercial director.