I'm A Pakka Family Man: Bellamkonda Srinivas

Wed Jan 03 2018 15:40:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

*Many happy returns of the day first..  and Happy New Year.  What is your strategy for this year?

 Thank you and wish you the same..! Please don't use big words like strategy.  Birthday is a special day for everyone and I feel the same today.  I'm coming up with 'Sakshyam' this year.  Then I will focus on my next film.  What strategies an actor will have except the eagerness to act better with every film?(laughs)

*You're saying that birthday is slightly special. What are you doing today?

 I told that casually(laughs).  Usually, I spend time with my family on every birthday.  This birthday will also be the same.  But I'm spending the morning time with well-wishers.. friends.. media persons after entering into the film industry.  I will devote my time from the afternoon to my family.

*So, can we announce that Alludu Seenu is a pakka family man?

 Undoubtedly. That's the reason why gossips are not doing rounds on me(laughs).

*As you talked about gossips here is a question for you. There is a talk that you take your father support for every film of yours.. is that true?

 He launched me on a grand scale with 'Alludu Seenu'. No other hero might have had that kind of launch in the industry.  He didn't invest high budget in that film because he wanted to just launch me.  The budget was according to the story.. director etc.  The films success range was also high.  He didn't invest in any of my other films.. but he offered guidance to the respective producers on budget matters.  He keeps an eye on my every project because he experience may help the producers who are investing in my films(laughs).

*What is the reason behind choosing mass masala films regularly?

 I don't have much interest in loverboy image.  That kind of image will not suit my height and personality.  I felt that mass genre is correct for proving myself.  It doesn't mean that I kept the class audience away.  My last film 'Jaya Janaki Nayaka' impressed all sections of the audience.

*You are sharing screen space with star heroines continuously.  Are you doing it because their craze will help you?
 I believe that each and every person coming to watch my film should get entertainment. I believe in this policy.  That's the reason why my film will have all the elements.  I'm acting with star heroines to entertain the audience.. not because they will help me. I think they will help my film.  Moreover, the directors have chosen the heroines in my three films. I was never involved in the selection of heroine.

*What your heart is saying about 'Sakshyam'?

 I was excited when Sriwass garu narrated 'Sakshyam' story.  We are coming up with a good concept.  The action sequences designed by Peter Hein master came out very well.   Sriwass readied the movie story based on the five elements.  I went to Dubai and learned skyboarding.  Nearly 70% of the shoot has been completed.  My heart is saying that audience will receive 'Sakshyam' well.