Big Relief for Dhanush in Paternity Case

Tue Mar 21 2017 11:43:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

Medical Report has come as a big relief for Tamil Star Dhanush who has  been claimed as their son by an Elderly Couple. The Medical Examination report submitted to the Madras High Court proved the claims of the couple false. It confirms Dhanush don't have a mole on left collar bone and a scar on left elbow.

Kathiresan (63) and Meenakshi claim Dhanush was their son who fled away from hostel when he was studying Intermediate. They sought Monthly Maintenance of Rs 65,000 by producing 10th Class Certificate with the Identification Marks.

Madurai Bench of the High Court directed the Madurai Medical College to examine Dhanush to find out if the identification marks in the 10th Class Certificate match. Doctors informed court that mole and scar mentioned in the certificate were missing on Dhanush's Body. They also conveyed to court that Mole can be removed with laser treatment but not the scar.