Kirrak Promo: Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2!

Mon May 21 2018 23:19:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kamal Haasan is all set to host even the second season for celebrity reality show Bigg Boss Tamil. In the promo, A Man who was in a hurry pushes a Woman carrying fruits accidentally. Suddenly, The Video stops to allow Kamal to offer a small lecture about perspectives.

Ulaganayagan asks viewers to guess the actually intention of the Man - Is He A Thief or Was He A Woman Harasser? Actually, That person was in a hurry to save a kid from getting hit by a car. In the end, Kamal preaches that life is all about the way people look at things happening around.

The facial expressions of Kamal Haasan are a delight to watch in the promo. Once again, People get reminded of his exceptional acting abilities here.

Kamal has begun Season 2 of Bigg Boss Tamil with a bang. Be ready to get entertained again!