Bigg Boss Telugu Teaser: Simply Superb!

Sun Jun 18 2017 10:18:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Teaser of 'Bigg Boss' Telugu Version is finally out. The promo reminds us of James Bond films, be it the stylish avatar of NTR or the overall presentation. And not to forget SS Thaman who did a fabulous job as a composer.

This reality show is an opportunity for Tarak to showcase his unseen dimension. The Teaser is of an another level when compared to promos of any TV Show hosted by a Tollywood Star till date. It justifies the statement of Jr that 'Bigg Boss' is the biggest show ever and a game changer as well.

Participation of NTR in this reality show could attract huge TRPs. Not a surprise, He was offered Rs 50 lakh for each of the 13 Episodes. Be ready for the first-of-its-kind show in Telugu...!