Bigg Boss 2: Kaushal's Wife Turns Emotional

Mon Jun 25 2018 16:26:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bigg Boss 2: Kaushal's Wife Says- She Believes In Him

Telugu Bigg Boss season 2 is raising the curiosity levels of the audience slowly.  As the eliminations are taking place there is good drama in the house.  It is known that TV actor Kaushal recently escaped from elimination by getting into protection zone.  He has impressed everybody with his balanced approach.  

It is known that he has responded to Kireeti's comments by saying that his family would get hurt by the objectionable comments.  On the other hand, Kaushal's wife Neelima supported her husband by saying that she believes in him and he is a very good human being.

She shared an emotional post through the social media.

This is Neelima's letter:

"As Kaushal's spouse, I wholly believe I'm that one person who knows how humble his soul is.

I have heard every rumor that has raised from the moment he stepped into the house and I also happen to know how each one of them is misleading.

The past week has been worse for him as his mates abandoned, humiliated and talked trash about him. Nevertheless, he maintained his calm as long as possible. He has been the better person.

He got isolated and remained alone for a couple of days but got back onto the track and performed every task with precision.

But last night, everything snapped into a wildfire as the members reached beyond his limits. They have been targeting him for the whole last week for one incident that has happened as a part of the task. The members have been judging him for that one incident and I would like to ask everyone - how fair is it?

Being his wife, I trust him with all my life and at this moment I am genuinely proud of him. I am proud of him, for standing for himself and standing for what he believes in...

Needless to say, many echoed a similar view about Kaushal and that's why in the last two days many votes are cast in his favour, making him come out of the elimination zone."