Boyapati Mark-Action In The Biopic

Thu Jan 10 2019 22:14:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Boyapati Seenu is one director who kept making movies only in the action genre. Will this Mass Cinema Specialist ever make a biopic?

When quizzed about it, Boyapati replied: 'Certainly, I would make a biopic. Even the biopic I would be making will have action elements. I will make such a biopic. My Mark should be there, be it any movie I direct'.

Boyapati-mark Action can't be possible in anybody's life. Still, He rules out any possibility of moving away from the action genre. 'Can't make low-budget or soft subjects. Though I change genre, Action will be common element in all my films. In Rs 100, My mark action (Rs 25) won't be missing,' he assures.

Very soon, Boyapati will team up with Balakrishna but the Filmmaker feels its too early to talk about it. He ruled out any possibility of becoming a Producer in future. He, however, wishes to promote his Assistants as Directors in future