In Talk: Boyapati's Baahubali!

Fri Aug 11 2017 22:08:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Every Filmmaker will have the dream to make a movie on the scale of 'Baahubali' but only few will be able to fulfill it due to budget constraints.

In his recent media interaction, Boyapati Seenu disclosed he have plans to make a movie matching the high standards set by 'Baahubali' franchise. Unlike Rajamouli, He wishes to cast a newcomer as hero in his magnum opus. Why because, A Debutante comes with no baggage and he could be moulded as per the demand of the script. Whereas, A Star Hero will bring too much hype which will overshadow the good content.

Boyapati has got a logic, but it's not very convincing. 'Baahubali' wouldn't have worked so well if his calculation is 100 percent right. The version of Boyapati makes sense if he is planning a movie alike 'Eega' not 'Baahubali'. Having big star cast would only fetch enough budget to help him present his vision on the screen. Who would have invested Rs 450 crore on 'Baahubali' franchise if a newcomer had played the lead role.