Is This A Conspiracy By Bigg Boss To Bring Teju Back?

Mon Jul 23 2018 17:52:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

There have been several theories running around the social media, talking about how Bigg Boss is a scripted show and how Nani is more biased to Tejaswi?!

Tejaswi Madivada found herself being most hated among the housemates while Kushal found huge positive fan following.

The actress seems to be a favorite to Nani and even Bigg Boss as well, according to some social media conspiracy theorists.

They are saying the Wild Card entry to bring back one of the six eliminated contestants is to continue Tejaswi in the house. As she could bring in TRP by moving close to Samrat, they say Bigg Boss makers want to continue her in the house.

Even Nani's lecture on Sunday is said to be an example of how biased Bigg Boss is towards Tejaswi. Anyways, viewers have a chance to send back their favourite contestant among Nutan Naidu, Sanjana, Anchor Syamala, Bhanu Sri and Tejaswi back into the house, this weekend.

Well, #KushalArmy who say they are the deciding force behind who should be in house and who shouldn't, have decided to bring back Nutan Naidu into the house!