Called Naga Babu & The Issue Is Settled!

Thu Mar 14 2019 16:29:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Recently, An Anchor sought the reaction of Naga Babu over the damaging comments made by Comedian Prudhvi on the funding Jana Sena Party has been receiving.

The Journalist informed Mega Brother that Prudhvi alleged Rs 1.25 crore donated by himself and Varun Tej was black money. Quickly, Naga Babu asked the Anchor whether if Prudhvi has really made such an allegation. Upon receiving the confirmation, Naga Babu responded, 'Orey Prudhvi...Nuvvu Naaku Phone Chey Ee Roju...Nenu Neeku Samadanam Chebuthanu. Naa Number Ne Dagger Undi...Phone Chey'.  Thereafter, He revealed about donating the amount to Jana Sena in the form of cheque instead of cash to prove the allegation is baseless.

And now, Prudhvi revealed he called Naga Babu on that night at 11 pm upon knowing about what has happened. He claimed to have informed Mega Brother that never did such a damaging statement was given by him. 'I asked Naga Babu if he feels that I would make such an allegation on him. Don't know why the Interviewer spoke in that manner. These kind of issues will come and go. The whole issue was settled with a phone call. I share a good friendship with Naga Babu Garu. Some people might create such things to ruin our bond,' he clarified.