Can Ninne Pelladutha Maker Comeback?

Mon Feb 18 2019 16:16:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Krishna Vamsi, when we hear this name, we start thinking about beautiful visuals of heroines and then many artists screaming at the camera for comedy, fear, happiness and sadness, literally every emotion.

He fixated in his brain that people are 6 year olds and he needs to tell story like that.  His friends and people who make films like him, RGV and Puri Jagannadh are still able to come up with attractive projects.

But Krishna Vamsi is unable to come up with one good film. He did Nakshatram and the movie seemed to be old even for 1980's style filmmaking.

In his early works like Ninne Pelladutha, Murari, he did show maturity in handling emotions and some sophistication with rawness.

After Khadgam, only in Chandamama he could tone down his rawness. He needs to do so again if he wants his Rudraksha to be a hit.

For a talented director like him, nobody has to say, how to make films but it is needed to show him a mirror as a fan, for him understand the mistakes. We hope he will make a comeback.