Surprising Chemistry Between The Naa Nuvve Leads

Thu May 17 2018 12:02:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

The heroes try to do various kinds of roles only to prevent getting stamped. When a hero does same kind of comedy movies like Allari Naresh, the audience named his as a comedy hero. Also, when a hero stick to doing commercial movies he will be named as a mass hero. But after maintaining one such tag for more than a decade, Kalyan Ram is all set to break the image.

Whenever the name of Kalyan Ram pops up the only movies that come into the mind are the regular mass masala films like Athanokkade, Hare Ram etc. We have never seen this Nandamuri hero in a complete romantic story. But now Naa Nuvve movie is going to change this statement. The upcoming movie of Kalyan Ram and Milky beauty Tamannaah is Naa Nuvve which is hitting the screens as a full length romantic entertainer. The recently released trailer also gave a hint about this.

The subtle performances by the leads is sure grabbing the eye balls. The fans are surprised to see the acting of Kalyan Ram in a role which he never ventured before. Also, the milky beauty gave a good performance sticking to what the director narrated. The chemistry between Kalyan Ram and Tamannah is definitely expected to be the highlights of the film. The audience are eagerly watching how the movie is going to be.