Comedian Justifies Insulting Mahesh Babu

Wed Sep 19 2018 10:11:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tamil Stand-Up Comedian Manoj Prabhakar faced backlash for mocking the acting skills of Mahesh Babu.

Upon facing heat, Manoj Prabhakar finally broke his silence on the controversial comments. 'Comments made on Telugu Actor Mahesh Babu sir wasn't received well by few people. Honestly, All the comments made by Me in that video aren't intended to hurt anyone. If at all it's been conveyed in that way, I am really sincere apologies to him,' he said.

The Comedian condemned the allegations of publicity stunt by mentioning that the video was uploaded 5-6 months ago. Regarding the question why he didn't spoke about Tamil Stars in a similar manner, Manoj replied: 'Only 2 minutes of the Video was about Mahesh Babu & Spyder. Remaining 68 minutes is about Tamil Cinema and Tamil Actors. You have to see it from the overall perspective, not just based on 2 minutes'.

Mr.Manoj claims Stand-up Comedians take the liberty to crack a joke on celebs as they are popular. That doesn't mean he can even take the liberty to insult a famous personality!