Prudhvi Opened Up On That Controversy

Mon Jul 17 2017 18:50:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

It has been widely reported in the media regarding comedian Prudhvi's divorce case few days back.. it is to be remembered that court ordered Prudhvi to pay Rs.8 lakh alimony every month to his wife.  Prudhvi has responded on this issue now.  He said that he was busy with the film shoot in America, that's why the he is responding late on the issue.  He surprised everybody by saying that he didn't receive notices regarding alimony.

He went on to say that he has looked after his children well and he provided them education..completed their marriage responsibilities.  He said that when a person starts earning money, his enemies will be not outsiders but they will come from his own family members.  He said that everybody is thinking that he is minting money after the success of 'Loukyam'.. but he had to spend all the money he is earning these days towards his previous credits.. marriage of his daughter.

He clarified that he is not earning Rs.30 lakhs per month and these are nothing but lies.  He said nobody is paying him Rs.3-4 lakhs per day.  Entire industry is impacted due to the demonetisation.. GST.  He said that this is a family issue and he said that problems arised in his family only after his daughter's marriage. He said that he has submitted his counter in the court.  As the issue is in the court, he will not talk more on this issue.