Lady Comedian Gave full clarity.

Wed Nov 22 2017 20:47:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chennai actress who is in full swing in Tollywood is none other than comedian Vidyulleka Raman. Despite being fat, the actress never fails to make the audience laugh with her acting.

Unlike the other comedians in the industry, the actress posted a glamourous picture of her on social media. The image is currently trending on the internet and the netizens are commenting their opinions and asking her to do heroine roles. After following the comments for two to three days the Vidyulleka finally responded to all questions with a single answer and gave a firm answer. "Thankfully I am fully busy as a comedian. Hence not even thinking of doing a heroine role." Tweeted Vidyullekha and also made two more interesting statements.

"The point was to tell women to feel beautiful in whatever shape/colour they are. To the 100’s who found self confidence and assurance from the pics, keep at it girls!" Clarified Vidyullekha Raman.