Jio and Amazon killing Cinema: D Suresh Babu

Fri Dec 15 2017 09:38:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

D Suresh Babu made some sensational comments during the success meet of 'Mental Madhilo'. He opined Industry Folks have been cheating themselves with fake success meets instead of analyzing the fate of their projects. At the same time, He admits 'Mental Madhilo' hasn't done so well at the box office despite good reviews and word-of-mouth. Whereas, The team of 'Mental Madhilo' is going to work for another project and that's been seen as a success by this Seasoned Producer.

Responding over the strike call given by Tollywood from March 1st, D Suresh Babu commented Jio and Amazon were killing Cinema. 'Earlier, TV Premieres used to be one year after theatrical release. But now, Netflix is offering it within 4 weeks. People have been relying on Jio for viewing them. So, Where would be the compulsion for coming to the theaters. It's not right! If we want to keep cinema as the main window, we have to postpone those releases through satellite. If this continues, Platforms such as Netflix will plan simultaneous releases. This would eventually kill the cinema viewing experience,' he complains.

The Ace Producer expressed concerns over too many new releases every week. 'Last week, There are 10 new releases. This week, It has gone up to 15. Whereas, The occupancy rate isn't even 5-7 percent. Trailers of upcoming releases should be screened in theaters for free. Digital Service Providers such as Cube and UFO aren't permitting it. Instead, They are screening Ads. Does audience have any excitement watching them? These issues need to be addressed, else there will be much bigger problems in future,' says Suresh Babu.