Age Is Just A Number For Deepti

Sat Sep 22 2018 17:01:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Deepti Bhatnagar is a well-known actress not only in Bollywood but also in Tollywood as well. Though she hasn't done so many movies, the few movies she starred in became super hits.

For the uninitiated, Deepti Bhatnagar is the one who starred against Srikanth in 'Pelli Sandadi' movie. She played the lead in 'Auto Driver' movie as well. She bid goodbye to films as soon as she got married and now got settled with two cute kids. Instead of staying at home, the former actress became a Traveller. Recently, she shared some stunning pictures of her on social media which came out as a surprise for the audience.

Deepti Bhatnagar is looking really beautiful and young in that pictures. One cannot believe that she is 50 years old. The audience commenting that Deepti Bhatnagar is definitely one of the few beauties who proves that age is just a number.