Weird Tradition of Hindu College

Thu Feb 15 2018 09:35:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

We seldom come across some really creepy traditions which will leave us to wonder why. One such tradition of Delhi's Hindu college will leave you confused. This college has a set of rules to celebrate Valentine's Day.

There is a virgin tree in Hindu College campus, which is worshipped on this particular day. The students tie condoms to the tree and chant prayers. The tree, which they call it 'Virgin Tree' is decorated with condoms. College's Mr. Fresher becomes the priest who conducts the prayers. This tradition is followed by the students in Hindu college in a hope to find their lover within 6 months and lose their virginity within a year.

Not just that. Every year, one heroine and one hero are chosen to celebrate Valentine's day. This year's Damdam Mai- the female Goddess is Jacqueline Fernandez. The Love guru- male celebrity is Ranveer Singh. The actor and actress are normally chosen by the number of hits they have given the particular year. Sounds weird. Right? Well, it has to be accepted that Jacqueline is no lesser than a Goddess in seduction, but still, it sounds weird.  

The selected heroine's pictures are left hanging to the tree along with the condoms filled with water. Also, the water filled condoms are considered sacred. What kind of tradition is this?