2.0 Tenses Up Those Two Big Producers

Tue Nov 27 2018 14:01:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

2.0 is releasing on 29th November and people are really waiting to see how Shankar will continue the Robo franchise. The opening day is going to be huge going by the advance bookings.

But that is not the end of the story. Gone are those days when Rajanikanth film would be bought for 10 or 15 crores and the initial hype would recover at least 90% of it, irrespective of talk in first week.

2.0 producers demanded Rs. 80 crores and settled for Rs. 72 crores from Telugu states. NV Prasad and Dil Raju took the gamble trusting Shankar.

The major problem is the attitude of Rajanikanth and the producers, who openly said that the movie is too big and they don't need to over promote it. Rajni even said that promotions for the movie would be waste of money as the Word of Mouth will be good and enough.

This is where Telugu producers seem completely different from the makers. They invested almost a Mahesh Babu or Pawan Kalyan's film regular budget for rights of the movie.

Even their movies tend to recover at most 60-65 crores from Telugu states and others from Overseas markets if they deliver big hits.

Rangasthalam managed to collected 128 crores but from  Telugu states it collected only Rs. 95 crores share. It is second to Baahubali movies and the gap is phenomenal.

So, 2.0 should collect a share close to Rs. 100 crores like Baahubali or Rangasthalam to be declared clean hit and make profits for all. Well, no wonder producers are highly tensed up.