Dil Raju and Raj Tharun's Lover!

Sun Oct 22 2017 23:04:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Dil Raju had a mixed year this 2017. The big movie he distributed did not earn much profits but his movies like Fidaa, Shatamanam Bhavathi, Nenu Local have become blockbusters. Also, Raja The Great had a solid start for the Diwali weekend. Now, he is coming up with two more limited budget films like MCA with Nani and one more with Raj Tharun, titled Lover.

This movie will be directed by Anish Krishna, who made a film like Ala Ela. After Ala Ela he tried to make sequel to it. Unable to do so, he tried to do another movie with Allari Naresh as hero. Both did not take off, so he waited patiently for another chance. Dil Raju gave him a chance in his banner and Raj Tarun agreed to be a part of the movie.

The movie shoot will start after January 2018, as per the reports. For Sankranthi, Raj Tharun is releasing Raju Gadu, directed by Sanjana Reddy. "Lover" will be a youthful entertainer with a good message as per the early reports. Raj Tharun needs a big hit and may be this film will give him that success along with Raju Gadu.