I narrated The Story, He asked Me To Direct

Sun Jul 16 2017 16:30:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sukumar is regarded as a genius director in Tollywood.  When such a director talks about a debut director that he is like hard disk.. Google for him, there should be something special about him.  He is Hari Prasad Jakka. He is Sukumar's friend.. lecturer in the college where Sukumar used to work as a lecturer before his Tollywood entry.

Hari Prasad entered the industry with the help of Sukumar.. and went on to help Sukumar in his script writing.  He is debuting as the director with 'Darshakudu' now.  He made interesting speech during the audio launch of 'Darshakudu'.  He said that he never thought of becoming a director..but Sukumar has made him a director suddenly.

He said that "I never wanted to direct a film. Once I narrated 'Darshakudu' story to Sukumar casually.  After listening to the story, he aksed me - Why don't you direct the film yourself ? As the heroine asks a doubt in 'Darshakudu' trailer.. I also got a doubt in my mind that -What a director actually does? I got to know about it when I directed the film."  

"I watched debut films of several directors.. most of them are hits. Because they have choosen good technicians for their films.  I've followed the same for my film as well. Sai Karthik is a talented music director.. Praveen is a good cinematographer. I have chosen Ashok as the hero because I've observed intensity in his eyes.  I have selected Esha as the heorine because, I wanted to cast a Telugu heroine.. she should be dusky.. she should be cute when she scowls at the hero.  I have selected Pujitha as another herone bcause she should look beautiful at first glance itself."