Director Makes Threat Call To Hero's Father

Thu Oct 18 2018 17:55:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Lady Director Leena Manimekalai accused Tamil Director Susi Ganesan of harassing her sexually. Hero Siddharth extended support to Leena in her fight against Sexual Abuse.

Shockingly, Susi Ganesan spoke to Siddharth's Father on the phone to threaten the family with dire consequences if the Chocolate Boy continues to support Leena. While sharing about the threat call, Siddharth maintained: 'So I just want everyone to know that now more than ever... I Stand With #LeenaManimekalai. Stay strong and fight the good fight Sister! #MeToo'.

Quickly, Leena reacted: 'This thug Susi Ganesan is so scared that more voices will join me to expose his crimes if he can't create this climate of fear. I am very sorry that Siddharth and his family have to go through this'.

Earlier, Leena accused Susi Ganeshan of sexually harassing her while trying to pretend that he was just helping her by dropping her at home. Susi Ganeshan denied sexual abuse and alleged it was Leena who have the track record of abusing men for selfish gains.