'Megastar' Fans Are Hurt By This Director's Comments

Tue Jul 17 2018 17:15:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Megastar for Telugu Cinema is undisputedly Chiranjeevi but there is another actor who enjoys the same name in Malayalam Cinema, it is Mammotty.

Even though he is a multi-National award winning actor, when it comes to box office stamina he is regarded as Megastar, second to Superstar Mohan Lal.

So, this story is about Malayalam Megastar and not our beloved son of Telugu soil!

Pisachi director, Mysskin talking about Mammotty at a film event commented, "Nobody can act like Mammotty. If someone else did his role, they would have overacted! Mammotty knew how to balance the role well."

Until here his comments were fan pleasing but the next one, "If I was young and had Mammotty been a girl, I might have made some inappropriate sexual advances. I liked him that much and I am happy that he played," said the director.

He immediately tried to explain his words, "I did not mean it in any vulgar or disrespectful way. I just wanted to express my love for him in a raw way."

Well, fans are not happy with his explanation and even women are asking him, "how can he say that so easy?" Popular people should think twice before uttering a word, for sure.