Why Teja refused to work with D Suresh Babu?

Sun Aug 13 2017 22:10:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Director Teja doesn't share a good equation with many people in the Industry because he can't be political correct and leads life as per his wish. He had an issue with even D Suresh Babu even before 'Nene Raju Nene Mantri' went on floors.

During the promotional interview, Teja disclosed: 'Upon having a bound script in hand, I narrated the subject to Rana Daggubati. He liked the story immensely and gave his consent to start shoot anytime soon. In the meantime, D Suresh Babu suggested few changes in the script. Then, I told Rana that we don't need the services of Suresh Babu as newcomers Bharath & Kiran are willing to produce the project. Later, Rana asked Me to meet him in Guesthouse. When I went there, Both Suresh Babu and Rana were present. Then, I made it clear that film would be made only as per my wish. I told them that I will leave if they don't accept my condition. Then, Suresh Babu convinced Me and we took the film on floors after making few corrections'.

Nobody in the Film Industry would dare to reveal such things happened in close doors. That's why Teja is so different from countless Directors we have in the Industry.