Disaster Weekend At Telugu Box Office

Mon Sep 18 2017 16:15:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

The last week at the Tollywood box office is worst for the producers and the audiences are feeling sad that not even a single film has impressed them. Almost five films released that weekend and every film ended up as a flop one.

Ungarala Ram Babu released amidst a lot of expectations but Sunil had to taste yet another failure. The film opened to negative reviews from the morning show itself. Kathalo Rajakumari starring Nara Rohith is another disaster film that no one is interested to discuss about it. Another biggest disappointment is in the form of Srivalli which came with the tag called, "From the writer of Baahubali."

When this is the situation with the straight Telugu films, the audiences usually bank on the dubbing films but both the dubbing films Veedevadu as well as Sarasudu also ended as flops pushing the movie lovers into the further disappointment mode.