Can SPYder become another Baahubali?

Wed May 17 2017 11:33:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

With the charismatic and never before success, Baahubali became a Pan-India sensation. Trying to learn from it, many productions and heroes are trying hard to repeat such magic domestically at least.

In Telugu Cinema, with Pawan Kalyan not showing much interest on films beyond a point, Mahesh Babu is the only star hero who can try and emulate such huge success, has he earned an image with his films in Telugu and a Pan-India recognition for his looks.

But for SPYder to weave a magical web on audience across the country, the factors like AR Murugadoss helming the movie and Mahesh being the hero are not enough. Baahubali became reached Hindi and new markets with clear cut planning. They tried to release those aspects of the movie that are highly interesting and hoped they would go viral. Once they understood the pulse of audience, they based their whole marketing strategy on those methods and kept going forward.

For the first part, they got in famous Bollywood director and producer like Karan Johar to present the movie in Hindi and National Media took keen interest on the film, thanks to Karan's popularity and contacts. Well, for SPYder, except for Murugadoss nothing has such North connection and to expect National Media to show huge interest like they did for Baahubali would be asking for too much!

Realising this SPYder promotional and marketing team are banging their heads to walls trying to find that one idea that can launch the viral campaign of the movie across India. Well, can they repeat the success of Baahubali? If they can, how do you think they should go forward?