Fan Wars Just Become Uncontrollable!

Thu Jun 20 2019 19:32:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

In Tamil Film Industry, there were fans of MGR, Shivaji Ganeshan who wanted to see them on-screen together. They did fight but never made other fan community hate their hero.

When it came to Rajni vs Kamal, we saw Rajnikanth's true domination as mass hero made many Kamal fans like him and hate him as well.

But both of them maintained their friendship and the challenge between the fans seemed a balanced debate than ugly fight for most part of it.

When it comes to Ajith and Vijay, the fans have become very violent. Both the heroes having huge mass base and them equally trying to be next Rajni brought out ugly side of the fanwars.

Both the heroes have told their respective fans to stay away from such bad behaviour but Vijay fans and Ajith fans fight with each other and even with Rajni fans too.

Their fight has to such a level that Ajith distanced himself from all fan associations and announced that he has no official fan associations at all.

But as Thalapathy Vijay's birthday is coming up Ajith fans trended hashtag #June22ndDeathDayofVijay and to counter it Vijay fans trended #LongLiveAjith

Well, Ajith fans stopped the bad trend but they argued that the Vijay fans started such negative hashtags on 1st May, birthday of Ajith and they reciprocated. Now, Vijay fans just ended that negative hashtag war with a positive one.

Still, fanwars have become an uncontrollable headache even in Telugu states too. Every fan thinks they have track box office and every fan tries to under mine other hero by just trolling them in bad taste.