Who Will Benefit From 5 Shows?

Fri Sep 15 2017 11:16:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

The longstanding demand of the Telugu Film Industry for the permission of five shows per day has been approved by the Telangana Government.  It was in discussion stage for the past one year and the government has finally given its nod.  The new decision will be implemented across the theatres of Telangana state in a few days.

Whenever there is a policy change people will express different opinions.  Similarly, there are several discussions taking place on whom will benefit with the extra show.  The real intention behind the permitting the fifth show will really serve? Telangana Government gave the permission to the fifth show as small filmmakers are unable to get the theaters for their films.  Even the film industry elders have requested fifth show for the benefit of small films.   Now the question is, the fifth show will be really allotted to small films.. this decision will solve the theater issues of small films?

We don't know how the small filmmakers are reacting to this decision but big producers are reportedly happy with the decision.  Because they can increase the collections of their films over the weekend.  Big ticket films will have housefuls in the weekends irrespective of the talk.  There is no doubt that the biggies will utilise the fifth who to their benefit to the full extent possible.   So, the decision will benefit big films more.  

As the theaters are in the control of few persons, the extra show may not help small films.. it is doubtful whether it will bring considerable change for small films.