Along with the film, he lost money too!

Sat Aug 12 2017 16:05:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

Every hero in our Industry is in constant search of a major hit. Even big stars like Mahesh, Pawan Kalyan are not exception to it. They need a perfect story to take their market to next level and they are constantly in search of it. Well, few heroes even though  they have a mass hero image, they are unable to fins that one film that will take them to the next level. Even though they have scored hits they end up in the same range business wise and one of such heroes is Gopichand.

Gopichand is a good actor and has an image in the mass people but his films did not work out at the box office the way he wants them to. These days, story has become the King and Gopichand with his image can take a good story to next level. With that belief, producers of Goutham Nanda spent more than his market on the film to make it look even lavish and beautiful. To top it, as the production cost is increasing Sampath Nandi and Gopichand did not take their remuneration fully and they thought they can take the money after the release of the film.

Producers too have promised them shares in the profits if the movie becomes a hit. Even though Producers claimed that the movie is the first one to collect 20 crores in the first week for a Gopichand starrer, the market experts said that is not the case. As the movie lost money, director and actor are unable to ask for their balance amounts from the producers and it appears that they have lost that money too! Many trade experts have said that the movie will be putting up closing numbers this week as three movies starring upcoming heroes have released this weekend and it is highly unlikely that people will watch Goutham Nanda while they have three new movies to chose from.