Photo Story: Gautham Is Growing Taller!

Wed Jul 18 2018 12:35:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

Starkids always will be in the limelight whether they like it or not.  When it comes to the children of Superstar Mahesh Babu, they are always darlings to the social media.  Whether it is Mahesh Babu son Gautham or daughter Sitara.. their pics go viral whenever they surface on the internet.

Mahesh Babu usually doesn't share his personal pics on the social media but his wife Namrata often comes up with interesting pics for the fans.   She shares interesting updates regarding her family along with the pics.   She has recently shared a family pic of herself with hubby Mahesh and children Gautham, Sitara. The pic is in black & white and itis a cute family photograph indeed.   

The striking aspect of the pic is tall Gautham.  Though Gautham used to appear like a small boy earlier, he has grown taller in the last one-two years and he has already crossed the Mahesh Babu's shoulders.  We all know that Mahesh Babu is a tall guy, so his son appears to be growing taller like him.  Thee will be no surprise if he grows taller than his dad.  Like dad like son.