Ban on Poonam Pandey; justified?

Thu Apr 20 2017 13:09:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Poonam Pandey, the social media sensation in India, recently launched an app featuring her sexy images and details about her whereabouts. The model rose to fame through her claims to go nude if India wins the World Cup and since then, madam has been releasing some semi-nude pics on her Instagram feed and twitter accounts.

She has many followers and fans waiting for her one picture. While she has no reservations on wearing clothes, not many on social media are just to see some nude pics of wannabe celebrities. There was a lot of backlash targeted at her for posting such pics and her accounts were suspended multiple times too. Well, if she wants to show off her curves no one can object to that, but it definitely needs some kind of discretion before becoming public.

Google has banned her app and the seductress took to her social media accounts saying this is violation of her rights and wondered why she is being treated like this. The madam needs to understand no one in the world can just survive on putting up pornographic material and she needs to come out of that 'bold' seductress attitude at least now and show some real talent if she has any rather than her curves!