Bullet seems to be stuck for longer time!

Mon Jun 19 2017 16:54:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is not unusual for producers to face few financial problems before the release of their movies. Even the big producers face some issues but as the star heroes are part of the project even financiers and distributors look to let the film release and make money after the release of the movie.

But many new and medium level productions, find it highly difficult to release the movie due to such issues. The recent production that failed to see a release is 'Aradugula Bullet' starring Gopichand and Nayantara. The movie is directed by B.Gopal but it looks highly difficult for the movie to attain release anytime soon. Many producers ask for few friends and others to act as mediators for the deal.

But the producers, are finding it really difficult to release the movie even though they have cleared 10 crores finance with the help of Potluri Vara Prasad. But still, the movie release stopped after announcing the release date as they had to clear 6 crores more for another financier. Now, the producers are unable to find any source to clear off the remaining money and they are waiting for their time to improve and until the day, the Bullet seems to be stuck in the gun!