First Look: Adivi Sesh As Gudachari!

Sat Jan 13 2018 21:35:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Adivi Sesh has made it his very own way to make an impression on the audience with the new age thrillers which have some good International style and skill to top it all.

After Kshanam, he did not immediately try many different films or tried to prove himself as a box office hero. He did a comedy like Ami Thumi and after it has become a hit, he is getting ready with his next film, Gudachari.

The first look from the film, seems a popular design adapted for this film as well. Matt Demon's Adjustment Bureau had similar kind of designs before release but this is a first for Telugu Cinema.

The look of Adivi Sesh as a Spy is not regular too. This promises another different attempt from the actor and this could be the turning point of his career as thrillers can yield big box office success if they are done right.

Social media has taken to the first look well and there are positive comments regarding the movie as well. Let's wait and see, how this Spy, will fare. Will he be Krishna's Gudachari or Mahesh's Spy?!