175 member Guestlist for Chai-Sam wedding

Wed Sep 13 2017 15:13:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

The cutest couple of Tollywood Chai and Sam are getting ready for their big day which got scheduled on October 6th. The couple has hidden their love affair from media and fans for so long but finally opened up after their engagement. These love birds are tying the knot in a dreamy destination wedding at W Resort, Goa.

However, the Akkineni family have prepared a very limited guest as the couple wanted a simple and private ceremony where only family and few friends can actively participate in the ceremony. The guest list might contain just 175 members. If the wedding were about to happen in Hyderabad, then the family would have to invite the celebrities from entire Tollywood and political world. That is the reason they picked Goa as their wedding venue.

As Charan's wife is close to Samantha, Charan and Upasana are likely to attend the wedding. The couple will get married following the Hindi rituals on October 6th and in Christian style on October 7th and will fly back to Hyderabad on October 8th.