Wow! Pretty Golden Beauty!

Mon Jul 17 2017 16:08:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a very young age, Hansika Motwani entered into our Telugu Cinema as a lead actress. After her debut film, Deshamuduru she did not find it difficult to find interesting offers. Even her fans have never complained about her choices in films as well. But from past few years, her films in Telugu have not been as successful she would have wishes them to be. So she shifted to Chennai and established herself as a busy heroine in Tamil Cinema.

After an year gap, Hansika is again ready to shine on Telugu Silver Screen with Gautham Nanda. The young actress is looking to give once again a big dose of her glamour to attract the young hearts. In her recent stills, from Gautam Nanda, the actress looked mind blowing in different outfits revealing her oomph factor after a long time.

If you see the still in a Gold colour saree, you will feel the heat rising even in the winter season. Such is the hot quotient of her glamour from the movie and this is the first time, the actress has opened up so much on Telugu screen. If you remember, Sampath Nandi in Raccha dd not hold back from making Tammanah look as sensuous as she can look in a rain song and even in this film, Hansika seems to have been used as the glam doll by the director. Well, we aren't complaining, are you?