Harshavardhan has a Good-Bad-Ugly surprise for everyone!

Sun Aug 13 2017 16:21:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actor - writer, Harshavardhan as always been vocal about his intentions to become a director in Telugu films. He got his first break as an actor and Amrutham, serial made him a TV star. Post that he graduated to films and settled as a comedian. In films like Leader he proved how capable actor he is and then with Ishq he showed the strength of his pen too.

Post that he worked for films like Manam, Guru and Gundejaari Gallantayyinde as writer. As they have become big successes he has become one of the most sorted after dialogue writer but he wanted to take the next step as the director. He announced his movie, Good-Bad-Ugly and he released the first look poster today.

The surprise factor is that he also became a music composer for the film. Actually, he wanted to become a composer in Telugu but he became an actor, writer first. Now, as he is the director took help of another technician and composed songs for this period film. Hence, the tagline, "A Harshavardhan's musical narrative"!