Hats Off To Nikhil Siddhartha

Tue Oct 16 2018 13:18:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hero Nikhil Siddhartha was trolled severely for allegedly taking a dig at Vijay Devarakonda after the failure of 'NOTA'. Within few days, All the Telugu People have been praising the same hero for what he did when the victims are in need of help.

Nikhil is the first Telugu Hero to tour Title Cyclone Affected Areas in Srikakulam District. He toured places like Chinavanka, Palle Saradhi and Guppidipeta. 2,500 kilos of rice, 500 blankets and Portable Generators to overcome power cuts is just a part of his massive contribution.

Instead of donating some amount, Nikhil arranged food supplies, distributed them to thousands of people all by himself and ate the same food along with the victims. How many heroes will go to such an extent for helping the needy people? Only a person with a golden heart could make such a priceless contribution.

Nikhil may or mayn't inspire other heroes but he had certainly showed what's the best way to help the people in distress. Hats Off To The Young Hero!