Nani, please be careful about these 'high praises'!

Sun Feb 25 2018 01:05:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nani, became Natural Star Nani is nine years and he grew from not knowing which film he will be working on next to having producers at his door step waiting for his approval and dates.

He even ventured successfully into film production. Allegedly, he is demanding nine crores as remuneration after the huge run of successes at the box office and steady growth in the market.

Until, here the story is great and legendary. But from here onwards the story changes the direction.

Few people are drawing parallels to his career and Megastar Chiranjeevi, saying that he is the next actor who can grow into a star like Chiranjeevi and all he needs is a film, like Khaidi, that puts him on the path.

Well, before him Tharun was next lover boy hero, Sobhan Babu, before him, Suman was next Krishna, Rajasekhar was next Krishnam Raju, Ravi Teja was next ultimate mass hero.

We all know where they are today and how did they end up there. When everything is working, people make you go blind for their own purposes and try to not let you know the complete truth.

Nenu Local and MCA, did prove Nani's market but even SS Rajamouli kind of directors had to tell him that his films are getting too routine and bit one-dimensional.

Same problem brought down all the above mentioned stars, who had mammoth run at the box office and great following.

All we request is that Nani, who started out as actor, now become a star, we congratulate him for that and at the same time, we would like to ask him to please be careful of these 'high praises'! You need not next someone, you can always be first "YOU"!