Rajasekhar Doesn't Know Which Car He Was Driving!

Thu Oct 12 2017 16:54:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is widely reported that hero Rajaekhar was car met with an accident on Sunday night.  Even though there were no injuries for both the parties, the incident has grabbed the attention of the social media.  The issue was amicably resolved later between Rajasekhar the other car owner Rami Reddy.  There were reports in the media that Rajasekhar was under the influence of sleeping pills and he was not drunk.  

A latest video which was taken just minutes after the accident, emerged in the social media now.  Rajasekhar appears to be totally in a confused state in the video.  When a person asked him "How did the accident happen?" Rajasekhar replied him "Where did accident happen?". When he was asked another question "Which vehicle you were driving when the accident happened?.. Rajasekhar replied "Which vehicle?"  Everybody present there were laughing at him at his condition.  

The video has gone viral in the social media as this is showing the other side of the story contrary to what Jeevitha is claiming.  Watch the video here.