Mister Failure: It's Because Of Vastu!

Thu Apr 20 2017 12:55:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Some people in the Telugu Film Industry believe in sentiments and they follow them seriously.  Among those sentiments, cinema production office Vastu.. house Vastu of director and producers.. assumes more significance.  'Mister' director said to be facing the same Vastu problem now.  

It is known that Srinu Vaitla is completely down in his career with continuous failures.  Srinu was very confident before the release of 'Mister' but he got a huge shock with the failure of the film.  Even many people predicted that Srinu Vaitla might come back to form.. but they were also surprised.  The main reason behind the failures is said to be the Vastu of his house as per his close friends.

Srinu Vaitla moved to his new house while he was shooting for 'Aagadu'.  We all know that it was a big disaster.  Even though Srinu Vaitla carried out some Vastu modifications later, the situation did not improve much.  As 'Bruce Lee' turned out to be a disaster,  Srinu Vatila started to believe in Vastu.  

Coming to the present, Srinu Vaitla is planning to make some Vastu modifications to his home again.  But some are commenting that.. he has to change his routine format and choose good stories to make a succesful film..instead of doing that how could changes in the Vastu will help him ?