How Did Sri Reddy Unite Pawan, Mahesh Fans?

Tue Apr 17 2018 17:22:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telugu actress Sri Reddy continues to hog the limelight of the media with the casting couch issue.  Sri Reddy has recently dragged Pawan Kalyan into the episode saying that he should respond to the casting couch issue.  When the media persons asked Pawan about the same, he said that Sri Reddy should approach the police and proceed legally rather than approaching media.

Pawan's suggestion didn't go well with Sri Reddy.  When reporters asked Sri Reddy to respond to Pawan's suggestion on Monday, she used abusive language to refer Pawan as Ma******d and she has shown her middle finger to Pawan.   Though many people were supporting Sri Reddy on the casting couch issue, they were disappointed with such behaviour.   Some netizens felt that there is no need for her to abuse Pawan like that and there is nothing wrong with Pawan's suggestion.  

Surprisingly Mahesh fans supported Pawan in the issue.  It is known that Pawan fans and Mahesh Babu fans fight with each other in the social media but they have pledged support to Pawan saying that what Sri Reddy has done is not right.   Mahesh fans started tweeting in support of Pawan. They are saying 'We may fight among ourselves but we'll not allow others to abuse our heroes unnecessarily.'  

Netizens who are following these developments are commenting that no one could unite Pawan - Mahesh fans but Sri Reddy could do it with a single obscene gesture.  So, the credit goes to Sri Reddy!