Hypocrisy Is Growing In Tollywood People

Thu Jun 14 2018 21:18:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is easy to give suggestions but very hard to follow them. Some people give suggestions and speeches on stage but behave in a different way in their real life. The count of such people is getting increased in Tollywood day by day.

We have bee ton listening to the words like Patriotism, the greatness of Telugu from so many Tollywood celebrities. When we observe keenly, most of the celebrities have given speeches on them. But will they join their kids in Indian schools and teach them Telugu? The answer will be No. Most of the International Schools actually follow foreign University syllabus and even the big schools in Hyderabad follow the syllabus of Cambridge etc.

Most of the Telugu celebrities join their kids in these International Schools. So they grow up without knowing a single thing about India and will go to foreign after completing their studies. They return to India and settle down as heroes. No one can ever understand why these heroes talk about the greatness of the mother tongue and patriotism. When compared to the past, the hypocrisy in the Telugu film industry is in the peak stage now.