I Cannot Forget Shakthi - Jr. NTR

Thu Mar 14 2019 13:20:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

Jr. NTR looked more relaxed and very jovial at the RRR press meet. He gave some funny answers to very enthusiastic questions without being irritated or agitated.

He said, 'I am looking forward to watch myself on screen in a Rajamouli film and that too with Charan, my close friend is like icing on the cake.'

He later answered to a question when someone asked, 'Had you both came forward to do the film, if it is not for Rajamouli?' He said, 'If someone comes with a script for both of us, that is a future IF! As Rajamouli came with a story for us, I am doing this, in fact we are doing this.'

Ram Charan also echoed the same and said that he is thrilled to watch himself in a Rajamouli film again and that too with Jr. NTR, is a big pleasure, he remarked.

Later when someone asked is this first historical fiction to both of you, Ram Charan noded his head in 'Yes', but Tarak said, 'You might have forgotten Shakthi, I didn't!'

He thanked SS Rajamouli for the opportunity and said that it is his ultimate pleasure to be able to work with his close friend Jakkanna.