I Respect Balayya As A Hero: Naga Babu

Mon Jan 21 2019 11:19:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a recent interview, Naga Babu didn't hesitate to say he respects Balakrishna just alike another hero. 'Balayya became what he is Today because of his hardwork. Though he is the son of NTR, He wouldn’t have been in this position without dedication and hardwork. I respect him for that..! At the same time, I am not bothered about what's happening in his personal life,' he said.

To the question why did he wait for so many months to respond on the comments of Balayya, Mega Brother replied: 'When I claimed to be unaware of him, Debates conducted by the News Channels have been in a one-sided manner. They had gone to the extent of saying Naga Babu doesn't even have the basic common sense. Then, I decided to explain everything elaborately. I don't hold any grudge on him...Even Today, I respect him as a hero...I respect Nandamuri Family just alike any Telugu Person’.

Naga Babu told issues between Heroes exist in every Industry, be it Tollywood, Kollywood and Sandalwood. He added, 'In Film Industry, We would resolve if there is any issue among ourselves and move friendly again. There won't be any revenges or prolonged fights. That's the good thing'.

When quizzed if he watched 'NTR - Kathanayakudu', Naga Babu claimed he isn't an avid movie buff and watches films rarely. 'I haven't seen NTR biopic so far. Didn't even watch 'Antariksham' till date. Just seen only few films of Charan until now. Didn't even watch 'VVR'. I was forced by my wife to watch 'F2' and that's the last film I had seen. I would mostly watch Netflix. My Wife is a movie buff. Even My Daughter and Son watch almost all films. They keep asking my why don't I watch latest movies,' he revealed.