Trailer Talk: India's First Brother-Sister Incest!

Tue Sep 12 2017 17:53:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

A lot of erotic movies have been made in Indian Cinema so far but the bold concept of 'I Am Roshni' is certainly gonna raise many eyebrows. Why because, It's a film based on intimate love story of a Brother & Sister.

Theatrical Trailer of 'I Am Roshni' gives a clear idea of how this movie is going to be like. The bonding between Siblings have been portrayed from a shocking angle. An Innocent Girl facing harassment from Strict Father, Insensitive Mother, Sleazy Uncle and Deceiving Boyfriend finds solace in her Brother's company.

Ankita Parihar and Yash Rajpara essayed the lead roles in 'I Am Roshni'. Makers assures there is no vulgarity at all in their film which is all about how a Brother supports his Sister in distress. Such bold films appeal to a niche audience. So, We have to wait & see how it going to work this time.